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Snowman Panettone decorated by hand

500 €

500 €



The classic Marchesi 1824 panettone in an exclusive hand-painted and decorated version, embellished with golden snowflakes and an enchanting snowman. The large leavened cake comes to the palate with a delicate and fresh taste given by the fine ingredients such as six-crown raisins, naturally candied fruit, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, Italian honey and eggs from free-range chickens, blended in a slow-rising dough with the exclusive use of Marchesi's mother yeast.

Product code: 540657178_V

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Panettone (Wheat flour 00, raisins 15%, butter, egg yolk, candied orange peel 15% (orange peels, glucose syrup, sugar), water, cane sugar, honey, candied citron peels 1% (citron, glucose syrup, sugar), salt, vanilla beans), Almonds, glucose syrup, cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, Emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract, Butter, milk powder, whey powder, confectioner's sugar, potato starch, cocoa paste, Pasteurized egg yolk, Pasteurized egg white, Water, edible gold spray (ethanol, E172), cocoa mass, Colouring agents: Water, food colouring *E124 ponceau 4R, *E102 tartrazine, E131 patent blue, ethyl alcohol, vanilla flavouring, Lemon juice. *(can negatively affect children's activity and attention)


Contains allergens: Grains containing gluten, Milk, Almonds, Soy, Eggs and egg-based products. May contain: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, Peanuts, Nuts, Lupin beans, Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Pecans, Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Fish, Pistachios, Celery, Sesame seeds, Mustard and mustard-based products


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