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Steeped in tradition, Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Milan's oldest and finest pastry shops. It is considered a benchmark for the quality of its fresh patisserie, its signature chocolates and its classic Milanese Panettone.


The story of Pasticceria Marchesi is a tale of harmony between tradition and creativity.
Picture an elegant 18th century building in the heart of Milan. More precisely in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11/a. Here, in 1824, the Marchesi family-run pastry shop first opened its doors and through hard work and dedication, it earned an increasingly widespread reputation for its handmade confections.
Cut to the early 1900s. The owner, Angelo Marchesi, began serving morning coffee, evening cocktails and other refreshments in addition to freshly baked pastries, cakes, biscuits and sweets. Pasticceria Marchesi was now not only a high-quality patisserie but also a charming café, on its way to becoming one of Milan’s landmark venues.
Since those early days Pasticceria Marchesi has maintained an authentic atmosphere, preserving its original early-20th-century furnishings, coffered ceilings, ancient mirrors and art deco lighting. It has also remained faithful to its founding traditions of finest ingredients, highest craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Customers, enticed inside by the ornate 18th century façade and imaginative window displays find themselves in a wonderland of temptations, where distinctive boxes decorated with pastel coloured ribbons enclose exquisite creations to delight the palate.



Almost 200 years after the opening of the historic pastry shop in Via Santa Maria alla Porta, Pasticceria Marchesi still operates at the same address, with an unchanged passion for perfection.
Today the pastry shop become a cherished port of call for an eclectic and cosmopolitan clientèle.
Whether you are stopping by on the way home from work or visiting from the other side of the world, Pasticceria Marchesi is the place to go to enjoy a unique kind of magic that melts in your mouth. To appreciate the flavour born from nearly two centuries of expertise. To sip that heavenly espresso, choose that breath taking birthday cake or surprise someone with a sublime selection of chocolates.
The same magic can be experienced in Milan in the locations of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in via Monte Napoleone 9 and in London in the exclusive Mayfair district, at 117 Mount Street.
Respecting the spirit of the original landmark site, all the venues reinterpret its atmosphere and ageless allure. Here, classic Pasticceria Marchesi favourites are displayed alongside an irresistible selection of new offerings, from freshly prepared savoury dishes to sweet confections, all exquisitely presented and packaged to the brand’s exacting standards.
An exciting new chapter in the Pasticceria Marchesi story is about to begin.