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Veneziana 1000 g

The Marchesi 1824 Veneziana introduces its unmistakeable features given by the contrast between its soft dough, result of almost two centuries of research and passion, and a crisp almonds icing. The fresh and delicate taste of this leavened celebratory cake is conveyed by its quality ingredients such as the naturally candied oranges from Sicily, the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, the Italian honey and the free-range eggs. All the ingredients are artfully combined in a slow leavening dough with exclusive use of the Marchesi sourdough. Compared to the yeasts more commonly used for bread and pastries, products baked with sourdough require several additional hours to rise. The slow rising helps the so-called beneficial microorganisms to develop and bring numerous favourable properties and a unique flavour to the leavened cake.


WHEAT flour, candied orange peel 22% (orange peel, glucose syrup, sugar), fresh BUTTER (MILK) Fiandino Farms, fresh EGG yolk free-range, cane sugar, water, natural yeast (WHEAT flour, water), Italian Honey, fresh MILK, milled candied lemon peels 1% (lemon peels, glucose syrup, sugar), salt, natural flavourings (essential of orange, vanilla pods). Icing (13%): sugar, fresh grade EGG white free-range, olive oil, rice flour, ALMOND flour,corn flour, rice starch, ALMONDS. May contain traces of NUTS and SOY.


The packaging may vary from the one shown in the picture.

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